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Event Production Manager

Hi! I'm Raúl Álvarez

Production Manager in Mitad Doble

A bit of history

I have been organizing events for brands, big and small, from here and there, for more than 15 years.

Along the way I have learned that organizing events well has to do with thinking well, with living diverse experiences to be able to offer unique experiences, with listening, with observing, with learning from others and with knowing that the big and the small have the same importance. It also has to do with mutual trust with those you work with.

Along the way I have learned many things and I have met great people, people who have given me a lot and who over time I have stopped seeing as rivals to see them as teachers and this is a joy.

All these years have made me reaffirm that the human factor is the most important thing in almost everything in life, but it is very, very important when you organize events.

All these years have taught me to differentiate well those things I like from those I like less, because if I say "from those I don't like" I'm sure I will end up liking them, like bitterkas.

Hybrid event rehearsals

what I like

It is now clear to me that I like to work with people next to me and not above or below me.

I like to listen because it always inspires me with new ideas. And I like ideas, in all their colors and formats.

I like to see a happy and satisfied audience because that means happy brands, clients and myself.

I didn't like digital, but now I not only like it, I enjoy it.

I like the naturalness in the people I work with regardless of their position because this makes them more human and it makes everything easier.

I like to be part of a team and surround myself with professionals from whom I never stop learning.


This job has never ceased to amaze me.

Each project is a challenge and each event a new battle, as I like to call it. So we continue; now from Malaga and with Mitad Doble, communication and events, which they say is my brand, but I am not very clear because there are many good professionals behind it. I would say better, ours.

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