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Mitad Doble, event agency

- Mitad Doble is an EVENT agency specialized in CREATIVE design and production for happy brands.

We are a multidisciplinary team, composed of event managers, architects, designers and technicians from different fields, which allows us to generate and evaluate ideas, design creative solutions and implement them properly.

Mitad Doble is duality. The idea of duality brings different and complementary visions, which enriches the creative process and provokes unconventional solutions, with a deeper reach.

Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting

We help you define a strategic plan for your event that is consistent with your brand.

- see Consulting project
Event management and production

Event management and production

We take care of every phase of the event production for your total peace of mind.

- see production project
Design of spaces for events

Design of spaces for events

We create ephemeral spaces that generate impact. We make attendees retain your event in their memory.

- see design project
Graphic and audiovisual communication

Graphic and audiovisual communication

We design and produce all the corporate and audiovisual material you need for your brand or project.

- see communication project

we design and produce memorable events.

Mitad Doble is the essence of a close and trustworthy treatment to turn all types of companies into happy and satisfied customers.


A good strategy is essential to know how to approach an event. We help you define a strategic plan that is consistent with your brand, your communication and marketing objectives and your audience.

Every event requires a previous phase of preparation and analysis in which we define well the objectives we intend to achieve, define well the "why" we are organizing our event. Let's organize events in coherence with our brand, our image and our values. Let's organize events with clear objectives and measurable results.

How do we do this?

- Briefing analysis and development

- Definition of objectives

– Investigación

- Creative concept

- Measuring results

We take care of every phase of the production of your event for your total peace of mind. We take care of every detail and work with you throughout the entire process. We bring all our experience, knowledge and tools to achieve memorable results.

What do you remember about the last event you were at? A business meeting, a presentation, an exhibition or a dinner. We only remember experiences that are out of the ordinary, the unexpected, the surprising or even the ones that upset us and, for sure, those that transmit values to us.

Why not make the most of your events? We can help you.

What do we offer you?

- Integral event management and production

- Regiduría

- Technical production (audiovisual, graphic and multimedia)

- Hybrid Events

- Local and international production

- Logistics coordination

A design with purpose will give soul to your event. We know that the details are what make the difference and that is why we count on the experience of Blanca Cano - Interior Design & Architecture team, to create that environment that represents your brand, transmits your message andmakes your attendees retain your event in their memory.

We are specialized in:

- Design

- Decoration

- Lighting

- Scenography

- Distributions

- Differentiated spaces

At Mitad Doble we cover all phases of graphic and audiovisual communication, from the creation of the idea, concept development, to the final delivery. We do it hand in hand and with the confidence of Srta.Cruzado.

Our team of professionals will evaluate the different possibilities and solutions so that the result will help you achieve your objectives.

What do we offer you?

- Brand creation and development

- Design and production of corporate and advertising material

- Audiovisual production management

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